Audius Announces Expansion into the DeFi Land Metaverse | Millions of Songs Available

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For those who are interested in investing in crypto, the metaverse has always been a jumping place. However, it is about to become even more active in light of recent events where Audius has recently announced that they are planning on building a radio in the metaverse as well. What does this mean for the average Joe interested in cryptocurrency? Quite a bit actually. The following concepts might be of interest to you…

Audius is bringing the gift of music to one world in particular.

In order to change the world, the first that you must have is some sort of vision, and that is precisely what Audius has. Let’s just call a spade a spade here: they are building a radio tower in an area that is more known for the crickets chirping, the rain falling, and a gentle breeze blowing through the buffalo grass than for any sort of activity. But the times, they are a-changin, and this radio tower is going to make a lot of people take notice in more ways than one.

Of course, this virtual tower took a lot of teamwork to be built, and it is the result of a recent partnership between Audius and DeFi Land, which is a virtual blockchain game. Audius has been built on a platform that has been fortified with Solana and Ethereum blockchains.

This upgrade equals total freedom.

Both individuals who enjoy Audius and those who use DeFi Land will encounter total freedom from this deal. First of all, this upgrade is going to allow those who enjoy playing the DeFi Land game to be able to stream literally millions of songs from the Audius library simply while they are enjoying the game. This came just about the same time that DeFi Land announced their public launch last December.

This is a great example of teamwork.

Audius and DeFi Land are working in tandem….what could be better than that? The creators of DeFi Land are thrilled with the new partnership, precisely because they believe that this will make their new venture appeal to more people. Their gameplay already stands out because it garners the concept of using decentralized finance through a farming simulation, similar to what Farmville was in the early 2000s. The venture raised a $4.1 million round of funding last September when it was led by Alameda Research and Animoca Brands.

This is a great move for Audius as well, and it is their latest push to bring their tokenized music model out in the mainstream. They are modeling the service more after SoundCloud rather than Spotify or Apple Music. This new service allows their users to upload their own music utilizing tokens instead of royalties.

With the advent of crypto and all of the new amenities therein, there is no question that now is an exciting time to be alive. Crypto is not only helping people with their investments, but they are also starting a new way of life for many. We truly live in exciting times.

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