Customer Service Will Make Metaverse a More User Friendly Environment | Bots vs Agents

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Will the metaverse be populated purely by customers “service” bots? Or will there still be a place for human agents. There is one company that is working hard to make sure that humans can interact with other humans in this brave new world.

Helpshift, one of the premier companies when it comes to customer support and infrastructure, is trying to develop plans to integrate their model into the Metaverse.

“We’re so excited about the opportunity the metaverse provides. It provides a natural extension of some of our decades of experience in gaming and becomes an extension of that. But like some of the other things that we’re excited about it can really improve the way support is delivered over today’s physical world of support in a way that relies heavily on physical identities and physical access.” -Eric, from Helpshift

Availability, consistency, and communicativeness, are the things that characterize a good customer support infrastructure. Consumers want to know that someone is there to help them. In the Metaverse, because of the heightened immersiveness, users will be far better enabled to determine if they’re being spoken to by a literal bot, or if they’re engaging with an honest to goodness agent who made themselves the avatar of their company. Also, meeting actual developers and owners in the Metaverse, virtually speaking, will add a whole new experiential dimension to the customer service dynamic that companies have with their consumers.

What’s Next

Automation and tasking dynamics from Helpshift are going to be integrated into the Metaverse as soon as this year, and because Meta is such a cash-rich company, with prosperity coming from all avenues, Helpshift will likely have no trouble finding a market.

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