NFT Tickets Holders Gain Exclusive Access to Future Fest Web 3 Metaverse Music Event in April 2022

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More and more music events are being held online and the metaverse is quickly becoming the ‘go-to’ venue to hose these events. Access to these events are powered by NFT tickets and Future Fest is leading the way.

The world of Kaskade‘s Arkade music imprint is being reimagined within the metaverse.

Future Fest is a Web3 project on the Cardano blockchain, building custom digital infrastructure to host the virtual events of tomorrow—and NFTs will be the ticket in. This April, Kaskade is primed for a virtual DJ set that will take place from within a larger-than-life pinball machine.

Owners of the Futurebot NFT collection will exclusively be able to attend and explore the unique venue through the point of view of their virtual avatars. Past events have featured Anjunabeats’ Fatum, a showcase from Space Yacht, and more.

The inspiration behind Arkade came from Kaskade’s time spent at a joint record store and arcade years ago.

“As a kid much of my free time was spent skateboarding and hanging out at Dog Ear Records. It was a combination arcade and record shop; everything I needed under one roof,” Kaskade wrote back in 2014. “If they served hot dogs I probably would still be there. I would go after school and dig through the crates of vinyl and try to master the art of Galaga.”

In total, 10,000 Futurebot NFTs have been made available for mint on the Cardano network, and at the time of writing, around 7,600 remain available on the project’s website.



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