New NFT Collection Created to Mentor and Bring Together Upcoming Musicians

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The music industry as  a whole is still trying to get its collective head around NFTs and what they can be used for. Now music producer Illmind is getting in on the act with some bold plans.

With two Grammy awards under his belt, Illmind is now looking to change the music industry through NFTs.

He’s created NFTs to bring artists together, but says Web3’s fight against record labels “can’t be a war.”

The music industry just got a little more connected thanks to Grammy-winning producer Ramon “Illmind” Ibanga Jr., who launched his own NFT collection called “Squad of Knights,” which is focused on mentoring and connecting upcoming musicians.

Illmind has produced music for some of the rap and hip-hop world’s biggest names, like Ye, Drake, Beyonce, 50 Cent, and Kendrick Lamar. Despite his success, the producer remains incredibly grounded and sees NFTs as a way to make the music industry a better place for all artists.

In an interview with Decrypt at NFTLA, Illmind shared the story of how he first got into NFTs—unique blockchain tokens that signify ownership of a digital asset—back in the fall of 2020.

“Being a music producer, everything we do is digital … right now, we’re going through this issue of copyright infringement, DMCAs, ownership of certain sound packs,” he said. “So when I heard about NFTs, and hearing that it was sort of like this way to provide authenticity for a digital file, I was immediately curious … and then I decided to release an NFT of a sample pack—of an audio pack—which is basically a collection of 10 original melodies.”

That NFT sample pack sold in February 2021 for 4.5 Ethereum (about $15,700 at time of publication).

“It was insane because sound packs go for like 30 bucks,” Illmind said of his first NFT sale.

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