One Minute Songs Launched Daily on Audius by Lio Mori Will Become Illustrated Music NFTs

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Audius continues to attract new artists and those that want to reach new audiences.

Rising artist, Lio Mori, is set to release a new Music Album on April 08, 2022 which will be available to stream on Audius and other channels.

The musician is becoming popular in the music community across the world. He has been creating some delightful music and is determined to make his mark in the music industry.

Argentina – Lio Mori, from Argentina, promises to thrill music lovers with his upcoming album “Egyperces Dalok”. The album includes superb compositions that will keep the listeners on the edge of their seats with their power-packed beats, very heavy riffs, and highly engaging music. The album comes out on April 08, 2022.

Dedicating the masterpiece album to all music lovers over the world, Lio Mori said, “Music is the most important part of my life besides my family. I put my heart and soul into every song I create. This is my first album since my collaboration with three songs on the Hed P.E. album ‘Califas Worldwide’. I am sure eclectic music lovers will enjoy my upcoming album.”

Lio Mori is an independent-nomad-crypto-musician, producer, and composer, originally from Santa Fe, Argentina. He makes all kinds of music; from classical music, folk, hip hop, reggae & punk; all the way up to death metal, grindcore, sludge, and the most extreme and noisy type of music one can think of. What he loves the most is an experimental music and the fusion between different genres.

The album is infused with Lio Mori’s usual upbeat warmth and his signature style is visible in all the tracks. All the songs in the album include some distinct indigenous undertones that come into play and transform the flavor of the music. Each of the tracks in the album has also been released as an NFT.

Sharing more details about the project, Lio said, “This album includes a series of ‘one-minute songs’ I released each Wednesday, between March and June 2021, exclusively on my Instagram and on Audius.

To inspire me, for each song I chose a word as the title and tried to represent that word the best I can with music. After that, I sent each song to the visual artist Francisco Castellano and then, he did a few drawings for them. The last step was to make a video with the music and the drawings, and with that, I did an NFT for each song.

This is my first NFT series, but won’t be the last one for sure.”

Lio Mori has ensured that the album will have universal appeal. The numbers in the album display his diversity and versatility as an artist. This is the kind of music that is timeless & authentic. It has catchy riffs, and terrific beats and melody. Lio Mori has the ability to weave magic with his music that can touch the depths of one’s soul.

“Even though I’ll keep releasing music in the ‘traditional way’ (streaming services and digital stores), from now on I’ll premiere my music in decentralized and blockchain-based platforms (such as Audius, DeSo, OpenSea, etc) and, from time to time, I’ll release some music exclusively as NFT,” explains Lio.

“Egyperces Dalok” promises to deliver non-stop excitement with its melodic sounds, upbeat rhythms, and soulful performances by Lio Mori.

“It was not easy for a newcomer artist like me to come this far. I had my share of challenges, but I didn’t give up. I had complete faith in my capability and my music,” recalls Lio Mori. “I was determined to work hard, produce great music, and share it with the world.”

The album “Egyperces Dalok” will be available to stream on all major digital streaming platforms including Audius and Youtube.

The NFT Collection for the Album is available on Opensea at

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