Expansion of US based Vaudeville Sound Group signals demand for more innovative soundscapes

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Photo: Daniel Jones

There is a growing demand for sounds that go beyond traditional music, Foley and other sound effects. Movies, on-demand streaming services and even electric vehicle makers are looking for new and innovative ways to create immersive soundscapes.

Post-production outfit Vaudeville Sound Group, which has worked on the likes of HBO Max’s Peacemaker and Netflix’s The Old Guard, has launched a department focused entirely on spatial audio, bringing in 10 staff.

Vaudeville described spatial audio as the “next generation of innovative sound” and will use the division to identify natural sounds and create synthetic audio for clients including a soon-to-be-announced global tech company.

Manager Mirko Vogel and Business Development Manager Rob Calder will oversee the division and have hired 10 people: a Project and Development Lead, a Project Producer, a Coordinator, two Lead Sound Designers, two Lead Field Recordists, two Editors and a Re-Recording Mixer.

Vaudeville has also made various hires in its UK, U.S. and newly-opened Canadian office, which launched in Vancouver in 2020.

Vaudeville has a range of big-budget clients including HBO Max, Disney+ and Netflix, working on the likes of Snowpiercer and Lovecraft Country.

“With this new expansion, we’re at the forefront of spatial audio to provide a fully engaging, multi-dimensional sound experience for the audience,” said Founder and CEO Daniel Jones.

“The growth of our team is a testament to our talented colleagues who bring the world of sound design and mixing to ambitious next levels.”

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